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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sick Child Of Mine

As a full time working mum, whenever your child falls sick and can't go to childcare, it will be a crazy day. Aiden was down with fever, cough and runny nose last week, and he was too sick to go to school.

The night before, this boy couldn't get to sleep with a stuffy nose. When he finally did after midnight, I went to my room but woke up at 2am and 4am to his cries and whining. I ended up not sleeping much, attending to him, sponging him to keep the temperature down and I squeezed myself on his bed as it was too much hassle going to and fro my room to check on him. At 32 weeks pregnant, it was really an uncomfortable night for me.

I applied for urgent leave on Wednesday but had to settle a few outstanding issues at work before I can go. Lugging Aiden along, I went to office to sort out the issues and took my laptop home to work & prepare for a conference call the same afternoon.

Since we are out in town, I ran a few errands, brought this sick boy to an indoor playground which helped lower his temperature after sweating it out. And it was a rare occasion the two of us had lunch on our own, before heading back home.

The piggy buns he ordered but didn't eat as he had no appetite
Back home, the boy became so hyperactive he got on my nerves as he should be napping after his medicine to get better. After much persistence from me, he finally fell asleep but woke up within an hour! I couldn't get much work done, so I was pretty harsh on him to return to bed - great job here as he slept 3-6pm while I squeezed in as much work I can.

The next few days, I returned to work but was down with sore throat, cough and flu. It's such a terrible feeling and my ballooning belly is not helping either as I feel aches from walking.

Let me get better soon, I do need the energy for this last few weeks before Ava arrives.


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