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Monday, October 7, 2013


Life has been a roller coaster ride in recent years, and in recent weeks, it took quite an unpleasant turn. The weekends seem so short, and I found myself spending very little time with Aiden during the weekdays due to work commitments. Frustrations crept in more easily than usual, and I feel tired most of the time. Didn't help too that I gave Aiden a scolding last week when he wouldn't behave himself, and he subsequently gave me the cold shoulder for a few days.  This boy knows what emotional blackmail is all about.

Anyway, I thought I had better move on to happier things and snap out of this grumpiness soon.  Instinctively, I flicked through the photo gallery of my iPhone for an 'instant lift'.  Didn't take long to find one!

We took these pictures while in a lift (we were on our way to a birthday party).  Check out our impromptu rendition of 喜怒哀乐!  It has been quite some time since we played this, so I was surprised to see that Aiden has expanded his repertoire of facial expressions.  I think he must have secretly picked up some new expressions from me.  Last Sunday, I had my secondary school classmates come over to our place and we were browsing through an album of old photos from almost 20 years ago.  Incredibly, Aiden could recognise me in the photos!  Mind you, these were from the 1990s when I was very skinny and very tanned, and er hmmm, much less handsome than I am now.

My friends explained that I did not actually become more handsome since 1994 but that is of course utter rubbish!  My own theory is that my expressions have not changed much since then.  I do see alot of myself in Aiden in the 喜怒哀乐 photos.  What a handsome chap! :D


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