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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazing Mummy

Being a mum to 32 month old Aiden, there are so many things I amaze myself since becoming mummy and also so many things I learn and experience. Are these familiar to you?

1) Hearing everything from the next room, even when I am dead tired (especially when your child is sick)

2) Sleeping through breastfeeding especially during night feeds (so looking forward to this... not?)

3) Reading bedtime stories which didn't make sense as I am dozing off before him

4) Jumping out of bed when you hear a baby's crying even on nights when your child is sleeping over at grandma's

5) Showers under five minutes

6) Toilet break under three minutes & patiently saying 'Mummy's coming out darling' while he bangs continuously on the bathroom door

7) Having the energy to play after a hard day's work

8) No matter how tired, a hug and a kiss from your child will melt your fatigue away (momentarily at least)

9) Saying too many 'No's and regretting it when your child starts saying 'NO' to his baths, mealtimes, school and so on

10) Not losing my cool when there are umpteen spills at mealtimes as he learns to feed himself

11) Feeling guilty not spending enough time with him, and making it up with gifts (which isn't always the right thing to do)

12) Hoping he will sleep earlier or take longer naps though I want to spend more quality time with him

13) 80% of your phone content is all about your child

14) No more sleeping in on weekends, instead, jumping up early to prepare for the day ahead with him

15) Singing kids songs aloud in the car and everywhere else with him

16) Turning to my parents for tips on treating a cold//cut/bruise and to baby sit when I really need a breather

17) Seeing my parents in a different light, how self sacrificing parents can be for their children

18) Screaming 'be careful', 'don't run' all day long

19) Putting him first and above all else (as much as I can)

20) Secretly wished I had more time to myself for simple pleasures like uninterrupted showers, quiet meals and longer deeper sleep


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