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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog Train - Favourite 'Me-Time' Indulges

Since becoming mummy four years ago to Aiden, time for myself has taken a backseat. With the brackets of time I have after work, in between meetings, I find myself missing the kids and wanting to spend time with them. I would pick Aiden from the childcare centre earlier when I am done at work and bring him for an ice cream treat or swim in the pool.

However, to recharge and be a better mum to the kids, I think every mum should take time off and indulge in what makes herself happy. Here are my top me-time indulgences:

1) Massages

Nothing beats getting a good massage, where all the knots and tension melt away, helping me feel energized and ready to take on my mummy role again!

2) Pretty nails

It is truly an indulgence these days, stealing some time for a manicure and pedicure. I love this pampering session where I get away from everything else, the kids calling out mummy! and walk out with happy bright nails.

3) Working out & sweating it out

I finally started running again after a long break. Love the wind on my face as I run in the evenings and feeling fitter with each run. I am looking to fit in sessions at the gym, working out at home and swimming into my exercise regime. Hope I keep up with this for the year ahead. 

This is part of a blog train, Mummy's Me-Time hosted by Danessa.

The next mummy on the blog train is Michelle, the founder of The Chill Mom Maternity Concierge where she helps busy first time moms manage the arrival of their babies. You can find her sharing her motherhood experience, mompreneurship and beauty tips at The Chill Mom Blog.


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