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Friday, July 24, 2015

Ava at Julia Gabriel Playclub II

We decided to sign up for a term at Julia Gabriel after our initial trial session with them. We opted for the bilingual class so that Ava can be exposed to both languages in a more structured play group setting. A 2.30-4.30pm class would be perfect leaving us with some time to explore after class before returning home for dinner. However, Ava's nap time is later nowadays so we went ahead for the 4.30-6.30pm class.

Snap snap! No monday blues.

No more pictures Mummy! Where's the sweet you promised?
Ava missed her nap before her second class, and with only thirty minutes of shut eye on our way to the centre, she woke up cranky and clingy.

The kids were introduced to ketupat (rice dumpling packed in a woven leaf pouch), and did a simple art work of peeling off double sided tape and sticking square shapes paper onto the ketupat. Unwilling to participate at first, I encouraged her by guiding her to peel the edge of the tape and she was curious to try doing it on her own.

The kids were introduced to the color yellow, parts of a duck and sound the duck makes. They painted and used soft feathers to complete their art work. The hands on activities helped Ava remember what was taught and she had fun learning.

There were some free play time in between the different activities. The kids were taught to play together in a group, share the toys and pack the toys together after they are done.

Likes how Ava independently feeds herself finger food and drinks from a cup during their tea break.

This cranky little one finally warms up at the end of the session at the free play area.

Time to hit the streets after class :)


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