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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To a healthier year ahead: Guardian Gummies for Kids

With the Chinese New Year celebrations coming right after Aiden's 4th birthday, we had an extended celebration and with this, feasting on food that is not exactly healthy for both ourselves and the kids.

Aiden is a relatively fussy eater, and is not open to trying new variety of food. He also has a very limited list of favourite food which he will ask for daily. Worrying he does not get a balanced diet and the necessary nutrients and vitamins he needs, we turn to vitamins and supplements that are appealing to him and complement this with his diet.

Guardian recently launched two new products for kids - Omega-3 Chewable Gummies and Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies. 

Love the bright colored packaging of the Omega-3 gummies, making it look mouthwatering good as well. Aiden was excited to see the bottle of fishes and cannot wait to have his first gummy. The recommended age for this is 2 year old and above and 2 gummies a day. This gummy contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are important nutrients supporting a growing child's brain development needs.

We are assured of its quality under the Guardian brand name, trusted for its range of quality health products. There is also no added gelatin, preservatives, and boosts of natural fruit flavors and colors. A plus point as compared to most other Omega-3 supplements which has a fishy aftertaste. Each gummy provides 50mg of DHA and Omega 3 fatty acids, supporting healthy vision and brain functions. With such fun  (cute fish shapes!) and tasty gummies, Aiden has been reminding me to give him his daily dose.

With so many brands of vitamins in the market, time strapped parents can be assured of these gummies from Guardian that are competitively priced at S$23.90 for a bottle of 60s. These supplements are manufactured in the United States, employing the safest and most stringent processes.

The Multi-Vitamin + Minerals Gummies are tasty alternatives to syrups and pills, perfect for fussy eaters. They are packed with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals such as zinc, and help boost your child's immune health, energy levels and vision. These are also vegetarian friendly, with no added gelatine and preservatives.

Available at all Guardian Health & Beauty outlets, at a special price of $18.90 for a limited time only.


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