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Monday, February 9, 2015

One step, two step, baby steps.

When did your baby start walking?

Being mummy the second time, we are overall more relaxed with Ava. This also meant not being as disciplined in reading to her, going through flash cards with her and also seldom bringing her out.

As she is turning 15 month old in a week's time, I start to panic as she has yet to take her first independent step. She is also pointing more than trying to tell us what she wants verbally. Doesn't the second child usually start blabbering their first words and take their first steps earlier than the first child as they try to mimic their elder sibling? Aiden took his first steps around 13 month old.

I have since stepped up and read books as well as going through flash cards on shapes, colors and common things in the house with Ava.

On walking, I have brought her outdoors to use her walker which she likes and is gaining confidence in walking over a longer distance. On our strolls to the supermarket and to the playground, I encourage her to walk by holding on to her hands and she is making progress, treading on tip toes now.

Every child develops at their own pace. I need to keep calm and let her take her baby steps on her own.


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