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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reviewed: Stuck on You Labels & Personalized Gifts

When the time came for us to prepare Aiden for play school two years back, we were overwhelmed. We had to prepare a whole list of personal belongings for him including his own water bottle, mug, toothbrush, milk bottle, milk powder dispenser and label them for easy identification in school. I happily shopped around for a bag for him before we received the list of items to bring for school, and needless to say, it was only big enough to contain half of his belongings! The labels we used were also the non fancy, black on white name labels and they faded over time through repeated washing of the bottles and mugs.
This was until we discovered Stuck on You and I was really impressed by the wide variety of prints, colors and they were not just pretty to look at, but also very durable (they stick and stay stuck in the dishwasher and microwave!). From kids labels to clothing label and personalized gifts like drink bottles and lunch bags, they make such ideal gifts especially for toddlers preparing for school and families with more than one child.

Everything looks so gorgeous, and the Stuck on Your team are always introducing new products and designs to keep customers returning again. The easy navigation throughout the website made purchasing online a breeze and the website gave me many inspirations on gifts for birthdays. The drawback? I had a really tough time deciding on the designs for Aiden and Ava, and spent way too much time than I should on the website.

After shortlisting my favourite items, I explained to Aiden what we were getting for him and his little sister, and roped him in deciding on the final designs, fonts, colors and icons for the labels. It was a fun session with him as the product previewer makes it easy to visualize.

For Aiden, we picked a Stuck on You Lunch Pack which includes a lunch box and a drink bottle, and Classic Small Name Labels to personalize his belongings for school.

Gift ideas under the Food & Drink category
Save money by selecting the Lunch Pack consisting Lunch Bag & Drink Bottle
First, select the color of the lunch box
Next, select the design. Aiden loves both the vehicle & animal designs
For the drink bottle, first select the design
Use the product previewer to see how your name looks on the bottle
For the name labels, select the colour, font and icon!
Aiden's final selection for his name labels

Tadah! These arrived under two weeks to our home.
The boy couldn't wait to go out with his lunch bag.
Unveiling what he's packed for our short trip out.

Putting the name labels to use :)

Couldn't take his eyes and hands off his personalized bottle
Refuel on the go for these mighty hot days.

The lunch box is perfect for short trips where we select his snacks to bring along together. We love the durable poly canvas material used for the lunch bag, and it is fully lined and cleaning is a breeze too, simply use a damp cloth to wipe and allow to air dry.

Aiden loves his new stainless steel BPA free drink bottle. It comes with a plastic spill proof cap but do remind your kid to press down the cap after drinking and for safety precaution, not to place the bottle upside down in the bag.

For Ava, we chose a Junior Backpack and Little Kids Labels Pack, which includes clothing labels and shoes labels perfect for when she starts school.

Select your preferred design, font & decide if you like it on the previewer
Select the design, font and icon, Totally spoiled for choice with the variety of designs.

The product previewer is a great tool for fun and easy browsing online.
After we were done with our selections, the secure payment gateway makes checking out a breeze. Delivery is made to your doorstep so it is a really convenient way to shop, a big plus point for time pressed mums.  
Love the pastel colors on the labels for Ava
In this Little Kids Label pack, it contains 30 Cool Kids Iron on Clothing Labels and 26 Cool Kids Name Labels and 4 Shoe Dots. This is a great value pack as the quality of the labels are made to last, ideal for day care. The iron on labels are permanent labels that are both washing machine and dryer safe, and the name labels are super sticky with a scratch proof resistant coating - no more missing belongings when the labels fade or fall off.

Ava's first outing with her lovely Juicy Apple Junior Backpack
A happy one :)
Getting her bottle out for a drink
The lovely designs on the Junior Backpacks are a collaboration with Penny Scallan Design. This backpack measures 25cm (width) by 27cm (height) by 11.5cm (depth) and is ideal for a short outing. We packed her milk bottles, diapers and a change of clothes and had spare space for a blanket & toy. It is made from durable poly canvas with a coated front panel for easy cleaning, a very important point for mums. The padded adjustable straps, and mesh side pocket is comvenient. One drawback of the bag is the zipper, with the closing near the base of the bag, your belongings may fall out as you open the bag.
We love how easy it is to personalize each of these products and labels with our kids' names and the previewer which shows us how they will look on the products. Ordering online to the time it is delivered to our doorstep takes about two weeks so shop away for the new school term!

For a limited period only, enter 'SGLAST20' upon checkout to enjoy 20% off your purchases, so hurry on now!

More about Stuck on You ®

Labels are how Stuck on You ® got started over 17 years ago and are still one of their most popular products. The range of name labels has now grown to include many designs, colours, fonts and optional icons that stick and stay stuck in the dishwasher and microwave. Clothing labels are hugely popular products at Stuck on You ® too. Offering Iron Clothing Labels and Stick On Clothing Labels these can also be personalised.
Personalised Kids Clothing at Stuck on You ® ranges from personalised pyjamas and t-shirts for kids as well as personalised clothing for babies such as jumpsuits and bibs.
The Stuck on You ® product previewer makes shopping online for name labels and personalised gifts easy and fun. Simply select your product from our huge collection then add the name into the preview screen and have fun choosing colours, designs and fonts to create completely personalised gifts and labels.


Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Stuck on You. All opinions are our own.


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