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Friday, December 12, 2014

Reviewed: Seedling Ready to Grow Dino Egg & Spitting Frogs

Daddy Darren & I both believe in exposing the kids to electronic devices like the iPads and electronic games at a later stage possible. We enjoy engaging them in good old fashion face to face games and toys encouraging creativity and imagination. When we discovered the collection from Seedling, we were excited to introduce them to Aiden. Here are two of our picks from their Pocket Money Collection, which makes great fillers for those Christmas stockings.

Seedling Ready To Grow Dino Egg

When we first showed the dino egg to Aiden, his reaction was, 'Huh?' A dino egg?' with a really innocent puzzled look on his face. His recent obsession was on dinosaurs and from then I wasn't spared of all the questions on which species, where can we find them, what do they eat, and so on. Then as Daddy Darren explained to Aiden about the steps he needed to do to hatch the egg and how a dinosaur would hatch from the egg, he got really excited and wanted to hatch it immediately!

Aiden carefully turned the cap of the jar open, and Darren helped him to remove the nest. He filled the jar with water and decided on a favourite spot in the house to place it. In the morning, he jumped right out from bed to inspect the egg. 'Mummy mummy I can see the dinosaur's head!' Gasp, it's only 8am on a Saturday morning.

We carefully removed the shell with him and added water to the brim before leaving the dinosaur to grow. When we returned home that evening, the dinosaur has grown indeed!

Aiden very carefully took it out and dry it with a towel. I find that he's extremely gentle and am happy to see that he is extra careful with the baby dinosaur. He brought the dinosaur to the rest of his dinosaur collection and played with them. Welcome home dino!

I think this is perfect as a gift for kids who love dinosaurs and above the age of three. It teaches them the concept of time and patience, and a very fun way for young kids to have a 'pet' of their own. I gave this to a friend's son who turned 4 and his reaction was priceless. My friend enjoyed 48 hours of peace at home with her boy asking everyone to be quiet as the dinosaur doesn't like loud noises. He also told my friend that they need to bring him to the forest so he can return home to his family. How sweet.

Amazing Spitting Frogs

Ready for some old school fun? Let's race to the bathroom and see whose frog spits the furthest!

This jar of Amazing Spitting Frogs from Seedling Pocket Money Collection is really a great gift this Christmas and a good value buy at $14.95. Each jar contains 6 different colored toy frogs and they suck up water and when you push their tummies, they spit it out!

Here's why we love the frogs and recommend them for gifting:

1) They come in a handy size, and can be kept neatly into a jar under 10cm. Fits well into the kids' kiddy bags as well and does not add much weight.

2) Ideal as an on the go toy to occupy the kids during a car ride and while waiting for our food at meal times. Stops them from repeatedly asking 'Are we there yet?', 'Is the food here yet?'

3) No more screaming at the kids during bath time! They voluntarily race to the bathroom and Aiden always asks to bathe with Ava, so they get to play with the frogs together. Some good bonding session for the kids but be prepared to get wet too as you join them in the bathroom.

4) Trains those little fingers when they need to use their pincer grip to suck water and spit water from the frogs. Trains hand eye coordination especially for Ava as she grabs at the frogs, 'catching' them and giggling happily at it.

5) Aiden names each frog after someone in the family and uses them to narrate a scene or role play as the family of frogs swim and play together. Good old fun and imagination from a three year old.

If you haven't decided on Christmas gifts for the kids, come by PriviKids, Changi City Point #02-04 and browse our Seedling collection in store or visit today.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Seedling. All opinions are our own.


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