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Friday, July 18, 2014

Ava at 8 months old

Looking back at how this eight month old little girl has grown since she came into our lives when I was 36 weeks pregnant. An early bird like her brother, both of them can hardly wait to see us and arrived at 35 weeks 5 days (Aiden) and 36 weeks 1 day (Ava).
Me at week 35 with Ava arriving in a week's time
At week 35, I was already wading and feeling like a whale. Being busy at work didn't allow me to slow down my pace and I was rushing everywhere I went with this big round belly. Lucky for me both of my pregnancies did not give me unbearable, unforgettable symptoms. Besides the one time I had food poisoning when I was pregnant with Ava, it all went quite smooth for me (this could be the memory loss post pregnancy kicking in).

4 day old, her first time on her cot bed
Ava arrived on 17 Nov, 2014 at 4.03pm via planned C-section. Her birthing process was short and sweet fortunately and we were calmer than the first time. My water bag burst as though on cue (it was the exact same case with Aiden), and this time she was in our arms fairly quickly.

Sweet dreams baby
New mums would relate well to this. I find myself attracted very much to my new born baby and can spend time just looking over her cot and smile to myself, knowing she is contented and happy.

Stork bite marks on her eye lids
The first few visits to her doctor got us really worried as she has these stork bite marks that look really obvious and red on her eye lids. These seem to occur when the blood vessels stretch during fetal development and they remain visible on the skin after birth. Some of these will fade after a few months while some may take years or even be permanent. I was looking this up quite a bit over the internet and was affected as it was getting more obvious on her skin day by day. Luckily by the time she was 2-3 month old, it faded away on its own. 

Hello! Miss Bright Eyes taking pictures for her full month favour gift boxes

I was contemplating signing up for a newborn photography package for Ava, but with her jaundice which took more than a month to go away, and the redness on her eyelids, I decided to take my own pictures of her instead. I need to remind myself to take more pictures to be fair!

Hello gor gor, my protector
I am really looking forward to the days where Aiden and Ava can play independently together and enjoy the company of each other. We have another 10 months to go at least I guess. Nowadays I try to have them interact while Aiden is playing with his cars and when we bring the both of them out to the playground. Ava chuckles really loudly when she plays with Aiden (or when he wants to play with her), and I really love the small steps taken for the siblings to bond with each other.

Ava at 7 month old

Aiden at 6 month old
Same same but different. I put their pictures when they are both around the same age to compare lately and find that both of them look pretty different.

At the Botanical Gardens
At Red Dot 2014, Hong Lim Park
Let me try to find time for this, as it is interesting to start a book documenting the both of them at the same age - month by month.


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