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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interview with 3 year old Aiden

Inspired by what Ai has done with Lil' Pumpkin on her 5th birthday, I decided to interview Aiden with this set of 25 questions. The boy surprised me with some of his answers, mostly well thought out before he responded. It would be great fun sharing his responses with him when he's older and a really nice way to remember each stage of his growing up years. It is also really interesting to see his responses evolve as he grows up.

1) How old are you? 3 years old

2) What is your favourite toy? Cars

3) What is your favourite car brand? Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen Golf, BMW and Mini Cooper!
(he couldn't decide on one)

4) What is your favourite food? Hotdog

5) What is your favourite drink? Chrysanthemum

6) What is your favourite colour? Green
(prompted by Daddy Darren)

7) What is your favourite TV show? Cars

8) What is your favourite cartoon? Mickey Mouse

9) What is your favourite song? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E MICKEY MOUSE!

10) What is your favourite place? Singapore!

11) What do you like to wear? Girl (clothes)
(We were quite surprised and amused to hear this. There were a few occasions he wore his clothes in a girl's style like his top as a skirt, his bottom as a tube top, and said it was fun when I asked him why he did that.)

12) What makes you sad? Daddy
(Why does Daddy make you sad? (Because he) scold me.)

13) What makes you cry? Ah-gong
(Why does Ah-gong make you cry? (Because he) shouts (at me).)

14) What makes you happy? Mummy
(Why does Mummy make you happy? She hugs me.)

15) What are you good at doing? Coloring and painting.

16) What are you not good at doing? Drawing

17) Who is your best friend? Daddy
(Why? Because he loves me.)

18) Which is your favourite animal? Tiger, lion

19) What makes you laugh, hahahah? Fire engine
(He was playing with Daddy Darren)

20) What are you afraid of? Fire, lizard

21) What do you like to do with Mummy and Daddy? Swimming

22) If you had one wish, what would it be? A birthday cake.
(You love to eat cake? Yes chocolate.)

23) What do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman!

24) Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, it's meimei.

It's interesting to note that Aiden is sad because Daddy scolds him but he also sees Daddy as his best friend because Daddy loves him. Happy to hear that and this short interview makes me feel how fast my little boy has grown, and can answer me in such a mature manner.


  1. At least he got his age correct (unlike Lil Pumpkin :p). He knows his car brands very well! Let's try to do this every year!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Yes! Haha it's fun :) Thanks for the idea.


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