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Friday, May 16, 2014

Ava is 5 months old

Before we had kids, and whenever anyone asked if I have a gender preference, I would say 'A boy, I really love boys.' True enough when I found out that I was expecting Aiden, I was delighted and it was really nice to have a(nother) boy loving you so much. There are activities that are more skewed towards boys and Aiden has Daddy Darren to turn to for that. For me, I enjoy spending alone time with him crafting, baking, reading and in the pool and I love the bond we develop as mother and son.

When I was expecting Ava, I was really happy that we are blessed with a girl after Aiden. Though I had some fears that I wouldn't bond so well with a baby girl, it just happens naturally. At 5 months now, she can interact much better with us and I can see how cheeky she is as she discovers her own reflection in the mirror, as she chews on everything including my knuckles and laughs when I squeal in pain. I look forward to returning home to her smiles and chuckles, and this special bond I have with her is somehow different from what I share with Aiden.

Spending a day exclusively with her, I almost can't bear leaving her at my mum's place. Her smiles when I make silly faces at her, the tense look on her face when I swing her up high and her contented face when I kiss her on her lips. Kids grow up too quickly and I don't want to miss out on being a big part of their growing up years.


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