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Friday, April 18, 2014

Embracing The Terrific Threes

Just as we thought we breezed through the terrible two toddler year, Aiden never fails to surprise us. Each new year brings it own set of challenges. Now at age three, he is more manipulative and engages in smart negotiating to get things his way. I find it tougher trying to balance discipline & managing his emotions. He knows what's right and often convinces me to let him have his way.

'Mummy, can I have a sweet please? I will only eat one.'
'Mummy, can I play with play dough then I will wash my hands and go to sleep?'
'Mummy mummy, can I play with this toy? I will keep my cars and then play with this toy...'

With such stressful years ahead of them as many parents of primary school kids have shared, I feel bad restricting him sometimes. With the small pockets of quality time with him, I remind myself to love, laugh and play with him within set boundaries. I especially enjoy talking to him as I discover his likes, his fears and sometimes that he makes believe things. As a parent, we are constantly learning and it's amazing what he has showed and taught me along the way too.

With super high energy levels that even Daddy Darren & I can hardly match on some days, we often bring him to wide spaces, playgrounds where he gets to run about, have fun and eventually go to bed exhausted earlier. The play area at Level 2 of Marina Square (near Mothercare) is ideal for toddlers and he learns new skills while at play. 

Learning to take turns with other kids
Balancing, he even ran down the slide on bare feet
Hasn't mastered doing this independently yet
Love this expression!
Cool breezy evenings were hard to come by. We went to the Esplanade Mall and explored the installations and music performance.

Superboy or musician?

A cost free eventful day in Singapore. Where are some other places you visit as a family? Share them with us!


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