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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have fallen in love again...

In 10 weeks, I find myself falling in love with this little girl and have developed a deeper bond and feeling for her. Looking into her eyes, there is so much ahead of her and so much we can share as mum and daughter, it really excites me. I can't wait to be her listening ear, her shoulder to lean and cry on, to be by her side as she grows up & indulge in girly treats together. That's a long way ahead and for now, I am cherishing the moments we share as our eyes lock, singing softly to her and just watching her fall asleep in my arms. There is something different about a mother & son relationship versus that of a mother & daughter and I am truly blessed to be able to embrace both of these.

Before becoming mum, it was all about the love story between Daddy Darren and myself. We had our own share of disagreements, times where it was challenging, but we chose each other and are committed to working things out and loving each other even stronger than before. When Aiden came along, we found ourselves falling in love with this charming cheeky little boy who can be manipulative at age 3. When I was pregnant with Ava, I had my doubts as I wasn't sure how I could love another as much. And now what can I say, but I think I have fallen in love, again.

Becoming parents, our priorities shift and we devote a lot of our time bonding with our kids, and spending time together as a family. I constantly remind myself that besides Aiden and Ava, I need to spend quality time with Daddy Darren as he is the love of my life. I feel I am a better mum to my kids when I feel loved and appreciated by Daddy Darren. It gives me an energy boost to face the late night wakings and hyperactive toddler. In 2014, I strive to strike a better balance and develop a stronger bond with each of my three loved ones.


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