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Friday, February 14, 2014

Aiden Turns Three!

In a flash, three years have gone by. Just three Valentine's Day ago, I was lying in bed at Thomson Medical Centre, cradling my precious bundle in my arms. Aiden arrived a day before Valentine's Day and he was the best gift I could have.
At home with mummy (A few days old)
As he turned three yesterday, here's a letter to my dear son.

Dear Aiden,

Happy Birthday to you!

I am a proud mum, seeing how you have grown from a tiny little baby who fit right in the nook of my arm to a charming little boy who is curious about the world (questioning about everything you see and learning all about why things are the way they are) and exploring it cautiously. You are a reflection of Daddy Darren and myself and sometimes hearing the things you say reminds me that we need to be mindful of what we say or do in your presence as you mimic and learn from us.

I miss the time when you were a baby - having you sound asleep on my chest, your chuckles when we play with you and being able to carry you with one arm, for extended periods. Nowadays I struggle to carry all 16kg of you in my arms but I love being close to you and I won't turn you away when you ask to be carried. I also enjoy conversations with you as you reason and discover new things everyday.

His first smiles (3 months old)
Chubby thighs (4 months old)
Your latest obsession is all about transportation & vehicles - cars, lorries, trucks and motorcycles. I am glad that along the way, you learn about the traffic rules, how to look out for traffic signs before crossing the road and even warns us to be careful in the car park and at road junctions. Recently, you also started looking out for empty car park lots for Daddy and differentiating lots for season parking (white vs red lines), which both came as surprises to me. I enjoy these moments where you surprise us with the things you say and do.

His collection of vehicles, arranging them orderly (3 years old)
You are ever so sensitive, and get hurt easily by my words. I hope you'd learn to be more understanding and patient in the year ahead. It saddens me to hear you sob and say 'I don't like it when mummy scolds me' when you misbehave. Mummy loves you dearly and I hope you will always be assured of this. Being strict with you will teach you the right values and hopefully shape you to be a more responsible and tougher individual as you grow up.

I hope you enjoyed your special day out with Daddy & Mummy. We brought you to your first movie - Lego Movie and you surprised me by feeding me popcorn in the dark! We had a lot of fun at The Polliwogs VivoCity, especially seeing all your joy.

You will always be the special boy that came into our lives on 13th February. Wishing you happiness and laughter in the year ahead!



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