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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making A List...

Of things to do after my confinement:

1) Have a cold drink!
It is not so unbearable nowadays with the cooler weather setting in, but an ice cold drink is always welcome. As much as it may not be good for me, I do need this.

2) A refreshing new hair color
Leaving this to the good hands of my hairstylist. 

3) A pampering pedicure
Some me time & pretty feet to look at (now that I can see them again).

4) Go swimming with my boy
Once given the go ahead by my gynae. Miss our weekly swims. Pray for good weather.

5) Indulge in non home-cooked food
This is another list I am making. I wonder why the cravings come now, after pregnancy.

6) Shopping
Some new clothes and christmas gifts. Online shopping meanwhile.

7) Start working out regularly
Swim, gym and strolls with the baby.

8) Watch a movie in the theatres
Have been contemplating to go during confinement.

9) Go out as a family
Can't wait to do so with our new family of four.

10) Plan a holiday
With our boy. Any tips or recommendations on places to visit with a 3 year old in Australia?


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