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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flashback: Aiden's 1st Birthday

In just a few more weeks, Aiden will be turning 2!  As we think of a suitable venue for a little birthday celebration, memories of a dramatic first birthday surface again.  Well, dramatic from my point of view!

The plan was to start the day at about 10am from Sengkang (where we were living) by picking Aiden up from the in-laws' place in Bedok, followed by the collection of Aiden's favourite balloons and birthday cake from Parkway Parade, before we meet our relatives at the lunch venue, Jade at The Fullerton Hotel, for a scrumptious dim sum buffet.  The supposedly leisurely day took an exciting turn on the way to Bedok when I received a mobilisation call up from the army to report to camp immediately in uniform and with the army full-pack!  Running out of time and ideas, I had to turn around and rush to camp in my civilian clothes and with my wife in tow.  The guards must have thought I was the camp commander when I threatened to run them down along with the gantry.  As I drove into camp, I wasn't sure if the guards were saluting me or scratching their heads wondering who I was.  Feeling even more mystified was the Military Police who was trying to tell me not to park in the middle of the parade square.  Before he could even start his lecture, I was asking him where the CO/person in charge of the mobilisation was!

"I don't know?" muttered the poor soldier.

"OK NEVERMIND!" as I gave him the 'why you dunno look' while running away.  I might as well ask him to park my car nicely and give it a good polish before I return.

Eventually, I found the CO who was kind enough to let me go early, although I did force him into a corner by saying that I would leave camp anyway with or without his permission.  Nothing can stop a proud father from celebrating his dear son's first birthday!!!

And so, soaked in adrenaline and sweat, we made it to Parkway Parade for the balloons and cake close to 12pm.  We had to ask our in laws to bring Aiden to The Fullerton Hotel instead and by the time we reached the restaurant, we were just in time to place the last order!

I wish Aiden's second birthday will be a little bit less exciting.  Fingers crossed!


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