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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aiden Starts School

It hasn't been easy for me to start writing. Since having Aiden 23 months back, I have spent most of my time (apart from work) with him, looking for activities to excite him and spending quality time together as a family. Any remaining free time would most often be spent re-energizing & getting my much needed rest. 

Finally, our boy has started school! This, is indeed an exciting new phase for him, and for us. As I am writing this post, he is in class independently for over 6 hours. I am really proud of him, as he didn't strongly resist going to school nor put up an emotional struggle. 

On his first day of school this Monday, Darren & I fetched him from my parents' place and he seemed to be in a good mood despite insufficient sleep (woke him up after 8 hours of sleep vs. his usual 10 - 12 hours). I took the day off to accompany him. He seemed pretty curious and joined in the group initially but got more aware and slightly afraid of being part of the group. I can sense his fear as he held my hand and pulled me away, preferring to walk around and explore the surroundings. I didn't stop him as I think it would be good for him to familiarize himself within the school. I distanced myself when he appeared to be interested to participate in the lessons, especially enjoying the outdoor exploration walk and music/dance session. Here's Aiden joining the line - totally hilarious as he gave a tight bear hug. 

On the first two days, Aiden seemed to be putting on a brave front (so interesting to see from a 23 month old) as whenever he spots me spying on him, he'd burst into tears and come towards me. Each time, his teachers managed to coax him to continue with their activity. I was surprised that he is cooperative during bath time, feeds himself during meal time and am happy to see our (not so) little 23 month old grow more independent and interact with the kids and teachers in school. Here's him on his favourite bike before day two in school.

I am glad that we prepped him well before school by sharing with him about the activities he'd go through, people he will meet who are his teachers and friends. I am also glad for remaining firm even as he starts crying and running to me during lessons. Aiden seemed to understand well when I explained that he has to attend school while we leave him to do our work and will return to fetch him after. Some parents do the disappearing act, which is not right as the child will feel abandoned and lost when they realized their parents are no longer there. For a start, we have managed his and our own emotions well. It is a learning experience for me as well as I discover how he behaves away from us, and I am proud to say that he adapts well. 

Next up, preparing for Aiden's two year old birthday on February 13. Looking forward to it!


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