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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Winning in life

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Today was a good opportunity to bring the old trophies and medals (from Primary 5 to my SAFSA days in the Army!) out from storage for some story telling. Aiden always wanted to know more about my past races and competitions, and I wanted to reinforce values that I've taught him since young - trying your best and never giving up. Hopefully he will be inspired to do better. 

The trigger for all this was actually his bad attitude during soccer training yesterday. He was not his usual self and didn't seem to be trying his best. Usually, I would only comment on his efforts but other parents and the coach do praise him for being one of the best players in the group. He knows this and would think highly of himself. I thought he was being complacent and too proud.

Anyway, as I recalled and went through the little stories behind each and every trophy and medal, I was a little bit surprised by how I managed to learn something from each triumph and defeat. In the past, I think it was more about winning than the life lessons, the destination rather than the journey. All the nostalgia almost made me feel like putting on spikes and doing some sprints there and then. Luckily, I have already thrown away my spikes and my sizeable tummy was hindering movement anyway.

Sometimes I forget that Aiden is only 5, and is already showing more maturity and sensibility than many of his age. A timely reminder for myself that he will learn things his way.


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