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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kippins Modern Organic Comforters For Your Baby

Every baby's must have, a comforter or chou chou to accompany them to sleep. I used to have a comfort blanket which I kept dearly for a really long time. It was tattered and torn by the time I decided to quit using it, and I still have it (secretly) stashed aside in my wardrobe.

A comforter is a popular gift idea for baby showers, it is a practical gift as its lifespan is much longer and with the variety of comforters from the different brands we carry in store, you have a wide selection to choose from. I have adults buying some of these comforters for themselves, not revealing names here.

When we first saw the vibrant graphic prints on the Kippins comforters, we fell in love with Coco Flamingo. Its scalloped pink and black feather print are simple and bold, exactly what new babies (and some adults) love.

Kippins are a tribe of wild friends for little dreamers. Look at their bold, stylish prints, simply instagram worthy.

Perfect for hugs and play, they are gentle on new skin and planet friendly, as they are made of 100% organic cotton and hand printed using organic ink. Rest assured that they are safe for babies.

Spots, dots and cracks are part of the fun and no two Kippins are exactly alike, making them so special.

Machine washable, this is a big plus point as it is super convenient for mummies to care for them.

Shop them from our online store or touch and feel them with your babies in stores at Suntec City  Tower 3 #02-712, Waterway Point West Wing #02-32 and Changi City Point #02-04. 


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