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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tips on kids photography: Snap happy!

What's tougher than taking photos of a kid?

Taking photos of two kids at the same time! It is almost mission impossible especially when doing it alone.

You'd never be sure of how it will turn out to be, and here's some advice:

1) Go with the flow. As much as you try to give instructions on where to stand, how to pose, it will rarely turn out the way you want it. Forget about top models. 

2) Bring snacks, lots of it. If they can be in theme and included in the photos, that's even better. Otherwise bring mini size snacks so that they won't be distracting in the photos. Don't try to take the snack away for a 'clean shot', it won't happen. You will end up with teary eyes and angry fits.

3) Say something funny like, 'Look at her mouth, she has got ice cream all over!' instead of 'Look into her eyes....' to achieve the pose you are striving for. Kids love exaggeration and funny actions/ remarks from you.

4) A brightly lit area would be great for photos, think outdoors, greenery or plain walls. Look closely in the vicinity as you may not need to travel far to get the right backdrop. Light, natural light always do wonders.

Of course, these are the photos that make it to the blog. Do not lose heart if you do not get any perfect photos. Often I love the photos not making the cut, as they share real emotions and sweet moments between the kids.

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