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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What are you scared of Mummy?

I am scared of cats. When there's a cat standing in the way of my path, I will make a big detour just so we will not cross paths. When a cat comes to our table at dinner, I will lose my appetite worrying about it brushing against my legs. My hair will stand and even typing about it now. I do not dislike cats and I can't explain why but I fear them and I know they can sense it as they often give me a stare and a hostile meow, like they are asking me to back off or they will come to me.

After having kids, I feel that I have to put on a brave front so as not to influence them to be scared of the things I have fear for. And very often, cats are the first animals kids learn to identify so they get all excited, calling out to the cats and attempting to touch them. When they start walking, the kids also try to be friendly and get real close to the cats and asking me to snap photos with my jelly hands.

Good luck to me now that Ava's first words are 'cat cat' and she enjoys going on a cat hunt in the evenings.


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