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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My gentle giant, Aiden

Mums never stop worrying about their kids.

I am always the one reminding Aiden to 'be careful, don't run too fast', 'look in front, we are nearing the end of the escalator', 'stop jumping, careful of the sharp edges'. Hoping to prevent accidents from happening and shielding him from potential falls, cuts and injuries. When would it be considered overly protective? I want Aiden to learn to be aware of the danger in his environment and yet be resilient and have the ability to pick himself up from a fall. I was speaking to a mom of three kids recently and she shared how the first born will always be the overly protected and careful one while the second child would be more daring, a risk taker as she will grow up with fewer restrictions and more carefree.

Nowadays, Aiden will tell me 'I know mummy, I will be careful' and this brings a smile to my face. My baby has indeed grown up to a young boy and knows how to deal with his mum's constant nagging (concern).

Spending quality time with Aiden on a weekday afternoon is a luxury I can have now, and it gives me renewed energy to drive the business when I return to work. It's always tough to turn down his requests to buy toys and I take a firm stand on what he can get.

We make it a point to fetch Aiden to school in the mornings, and some days he would be ok and give us a wave and a hug and on other days, he may get emotional and it affects me. I try to tell him that we can play tonight when he returns home but he can only muster enough to say, 'I want you to stay with me Mummy'. He has to be in school and I am looking at either switching school where he may enjoy school better (to which I spoke with him and he resisted switching), or take a more proactive approach to speak with his teachers. There was a recent change yet again, in his teachers and this may may have affected him as well.

My boy, it's as difficult for Mummy to leave you in school each morning. Let's make the best out of this together.


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