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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Becoming Mummy Of Two

A week since we became parents to our baby girl, Ava and I am slowly embracing this new status - Mummy of two. It got pretty emotional for me having to focus on Ava, and trying not to neglect Aiden. I felt guilty as I bond with Ava, as I can't spend time with Aiden. I hope this will pass quickly as soon as I am out of confinement and feel stronger physically to give my best to the both of them. Can't wait to celebrate our new family and counting down to the end of confinement in 20 days!
I struggled with breastfeeding this time round, and still trying my best to make it work. We sorted out Ava's tongue tie which could be one of the reasons for the difficulties in latching when we were discharged, and am glad things have improved. Now it's sticking to the schedule and be hardworking at breastfeeding & pumping (thanks to an efficient Medela Freestyle pump - will share more of my experience in a separate blog post)
'I want my milk now!'
Between breastfeeding and pointing my phone & camera at Ava, I am trying to get more rest, catch up on my blog posts and squeeze more quality time with Aiden & Daddy Darren.
'No more pictures Mummy.'
Crafting with my dear son, Aiden. Happy to see the smile on his face.

'Children needs your presence, not your presents'. 


  1. Congratulations, Cheryl!

    I used to have the same guilt as you when I just had Nakayla, but a year on, things somehow managed to balance itself out. So don't worry too much! :)


    1. Thanks Mabel :) It is definitely challenging and an emotional struggle at times. Hearing this from you makes me feel more relieved.


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